Graphic design


Logo is the first step in the process of creating a visual identity.
The foundation is a story that every company communicates and conveys important messages about the operations and characteristics and create a general picture of the brand
The process of designing a logo is approached systematically, because only a combination of several graphic elements (style, shape, color, typography) achieved good results. Using the legality design shapes a clear, readable and recognizable logo.
When creating logos are taken into account all its possible variations and routes of administration, and therefore tends to simple forms of logos that can be easily applied in variations of black and white, positive, negative, etc., and is made in vector format that allows his exemplary for different types of media.
Service of logo, we recommend to those who still do not have a logo, and consider making the web, because it is the foundation of the visual identity of the logo and website design in line with the identity and spirit of the company. In designing the logo, our client is approached with great care and co-operation successfully arrive at the desired solution.

The initial impression is really important. Take advantage of this fact and create competitive advantage.
Send an inquiry and we will advise you how to better present the company to its customers,
and also we can:

-design sign and logo
-develop a book of standards
-designi and make preparation for the print media (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, brochures, catalogs)
-disigni and make preparation for ads, posters and advertisements